Quality community places are essential for well-functioning societies. They are the places where we relax, where we reflect, and importantly where we interact with others.

Through these spaces we establish and strengthen our “sense of place” – we feel proud of and connected to our respective communities and the democratic quality of civic engagement is enhanced.

They are the “anchors” of community life, they add dimension to our lives, and they’re rarely an accident. They are the result of careful and purposeful design to shape them to the best advantage for the communities they serve.

Reconnecting the City to the Sea

Click here to explore Wellington’s newest waterfront precinct which has transformed an under utilised area into a vibrant extension of the city centre.

Reconnecting the City to the Sea

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For more detail download the full publication Shaping Our Places: a manifesto for the Built Environment (pdf)
Wellington Waterfront
University of Otagos Information Services Building