Our future towns and cities must be built on the combination of five key concepts:
community, sustainability, affordability, heritage, and urban design.

These concepts are being applied in many buildings and spaces enjoyed today by New Zealanders. Our aim is to see them become common practice so that we all can benefit from great places to live, work, and play.

We have taken the following positions on each of these concepts – follow the links to see further information, and examples of each of the concepts applied in buildings and spaces today.

Community – Providing quality community places is no longer merely desirable, it is essential for a well-functioning modern society. These are places from which community culture arises – they are a crucible for culture.

Sustainability – Sustainability’s value proposition is undeniable in both economic and moral terms. Sustainability not only involves a set of practices but a way of seeing the world.

Affordability – The challenge of creating affordable housing requires a mix of old and new concepts. Building low cost housing is only one aspect. Achieving long term affordability through good design is the ultimate goal.

Heritage – Heritage is a fundamental aspect of our developing sense of national identity. Preservation of the past and creation of the future must become a matter of deliberate design, not chance.

Urban – Quality urban design is essential to building active, engaged communities. The places we create should reflect our nation’s heritage, culture, and aspirations.

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For more detail download the full publication Shaping Our Places: a manifesto for the Built Environment (pdf)
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