Sustainable building is an increasingly attractive option, particularly in the context of rising energy costs and growing insecurity around water resources.  As individuals and communities begin to meet the full costs of their building and lifestyle choices the need to focus on creating sustainable built environments becomes more pressing.

Sustainable buildings are more economic over their lifetime. They reduce waste and use fewer key resources such as land, energy, water and materials. They are healthier and more comfortable, and support greater enjoyment and productivity, having improved levels of natural light, cleaner air and a higher degree of personal control.

While we’ve focused on the economic value of sustainable building it is also about doing the right thing in the right way for us, for our children, and for our planet. Sustainability nourishes the human spirit. It is uplifting and inspiring to know that the structures in which we live, work and place are in balance and not conflict with our natural environment.

Sustainable, Simple, Satisfying

Click here to explore the University of Canterbury’s sustainable Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Building.

Sustainable, Simple, Satisfying

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